One of the rea­sons I avoid using Win­dows (XP) most of the time is its hor­ri­ble error han­dling. Today a friend of mine called up ear­ly in the morn­ing to say that his Win­dows XP pow­ered work­sta­tion was stuck at the Active Desk­top Recov­ery screen, even though he had prop­er­ly shut down his work­sta­tion before this screen start­ed show­ing up.

I sug­gest­ed him to clear all the check marks in his Dis­play > Desk­top > Cus­tomize Desk­top > Web if he had enabled any by mis­take. It didn’t work. Then I sug­gest­ed him to restart his work­sta­tion. He restart­ed a few times but the annoy­ing Active Desk­top Recov­ery screen was still there, teas­ing his efforts.

Final­ly, I sug­gest­ed him a Win­dows Reg­istry solu­tion and it worked. I thought I should post it here so oth­ers might find it use­ful.

Fix Active Desktop Recovery Screen :

Press Win­dows key + R, type reged­it and press ENTER. In the Reg­istry Edi­tor win­dow, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Soft­ware > Microsoft > Inter­net Explor­er > Desk­top > Safe Mode > Com­po­nents and change the key val­ue DeskHtm­lVer­sion – REG_DWORD – 0x00000110(272) to 0 and select ‘Dec­i­mal‘ as Base. Click OK, close the Reg­istry Edi­tor and log off or restart your sys­tem.

It should work. If it doesn’t, let me know.

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