If you’re a Web devel­op­er, you must have missed the lack of sup­port for CSS3 fea­tures in Inter­net Explor­er (ver­sion 6.0 to 8.0). Be hap­py that the folks over at 327 Cre­ative (a Den­ver-based bou­tique agency that spe­cial­izes in graph­ic design, mar­ket­ing ser­vices and web devel­op­ment) has come up with a solu­tion.

They devel­oped CSS3 PIE using help from DHTML Behav­iors to make some of the most-desired CSS3 fea­tures avail­able for Inter­net Explor­er.

CSS3 PIE cur­rent­ly has full or par­tial sup­port for the fol­low­ing CSS3 fea­tures:

  • bor­der-radius
  • box-shad­ow
  • bor­der-image
  • mul­ti­ple back­ground images
  • lin­ear-gra­di­ent as back­ground image

You apply CSS3 PIE on your pages using the “behav­ior:” CSS prop­er­ty:

The .htc behav­ior file is 28K. With gzip com­pres­sion, it is only 12K. I rec­om­mend going through the CSS3 PIE FAQs before giv­ing it a try so that you total­ly under­stand how it works.

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