If you’re a Web developer, you must have missed the lack of support for CSS3 features in Internet Explorer (version 6.0 to 8.0). Be happy that the folks over at 327 Creative (a Denver-based boutique agency that specializes in graphic design, marketing services and web development) has come up with a solution.

They developed CSS3 PIE using help from DHTML Behaviors to make some of the most-desired CSS3 features available for Internet Explorer.

CSS3 PIE currently has full or partial support for the following CSS3 features:

  • border-radius
  • box-shadow
  • border-image
  • multiple background images
  • linear-gradient as background image

You apply CSS3 PIE on your pages using the “behavior:” CSS property:

The .htc behavior file is 28K. With gzip compression, it is only 12K. I recommend going through the CSS3 PIE FAQs before giving it a try so that you totally understand how it works.

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