Devel­oped by Chris­t­ian Mon­toya, Con­struct 0.4 (BETA) is a cool visu­al lay­out edi­tor based on Blue­print CSS Frame­work.


You can use Con­struct to:

  • Cre­ate a lay­out with con­tain­ers and columns.
  • Expand/contract those columns and tog­gle “class=’last’”.
  • Give an ID to any con­tain­er or col­umn.
  • Gen­er­ate the clean, final markup for your lay­out.
  • Gen­er­ate cor­re­spond­ing CSS for that lay­out which is com­pact, only has the class­es you used, and also gen­er­ates per­fect, clean rule­sets for the ID’s you cre­at­ed.

For more info, head over to Christian’s blog and read the post titled: Con­struct 0.4 BETA is some­thing I am seri­ous­ly proud of.

Image credit@Chris­t­ian

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