So Yahoo! has its own social net­work now and after spend­ing more than 3hrs in a row, I’ve to admit that it’s a real­ly pow­er­ful social net­work­ing plat­form. I’ve been using Face­book for more than a year now but the default Face­book lay­out is not some­thing that I’m hap­py about. Face­book doesn’t allow you to edit your pro­file lay­outs while many oth­er social net­work­ing sites do and that’s why I’ve always liked VIRB.

If you’ve liked Face­book and VIRB, you’ll cer­tain­ly like Y! Mash. Like Face­book Apps, Y! Mash has Mash mods that allow you to extend your pro­file. VIRB mem­bers and oth­ers will like the Advanced CSS edi­tor.

This is my tweaked Yahoo! Mash pro­file:

A few cool things that I like about Y! Mash:

  • Advanced CSS Edi­tor
  • Abil­i­ty to edit your friend’s pro­file (includ­ing the pro­file lay­out)
  • The cool Y! Mash mods (Twit­ter, RSS Feed,, Pro­file Log, etc.)
  • Use your exist­ing Yahoo! ID to log into Mash.
  • Clean URL (e.g.

One thing that I didn’t like about Y! Mash:

  • It allows your friends to steal your lay­out in a click, no mat­ter how many hours you’ve spent writ­ing cus­tom CSS for your Y! Mash pro­file. This is not some­thing that I’m hap­py about. A cus­tom design is a design is a design. Dammit!

Any­way, if you wan­na give it a try, just ask me for an invite. :)

p.s. Thanks, Muham­mad, for the invite!

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