So Yahoo! has its own social network now and after spending more than 3hrs in a row, I’ve to admit that it’s a really powerful social networking platform. I’ve been using Facebook for more than a year now but the default Facebook layout is not something that I’m happy about. Facebook doesn’t allow you to edit your profile layouts while many other social networking sites do and that’s why I’ve always liked VIRB.

If you’ve liked Facebook and VIRB, you’ll certainly like Y! Mash. Like Facebook Apps, Y! Mash has Mash mods that allow you to extend your profile. VIRB members and others will like the Advanced CSS editor.

This is my tweaked Yahoo! Mash profile:

A few cool things that I like about Y! Mash:

  • Advanced CSS Editor
  • Ability to edit your friend’s profile (including the profile layout)
  • The cool Y! Mash mods (Twitter, RSS Feed,, Profile Log, etc.)
  • Use your existing Yahoo! ID to log into Mash.
  • Clean URL (e.g.

One thing that I didn’t like about Y! Mash:

  • It allows your friends to steal your layout in a click, no matter how many hours you’ve spent writing custom CSS for your Y! Mash profile. This is not something that I’m happy about. A custom design is a design is a design. Dammit!

Anyway, if you wanna give it a try, just ask me for an invite. :)

p.s. Thanks, Muhammad, for the invite!

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