UPDATE: There is noth­ing to wor­ry about. Read the com­ments. It seems like my guess was cor­rect. There wasn’t any secu­ri­ty issue with the WordPress.com host­ed blogs.

If your blog is host­ed @ WordPress.com, an Automat­tic ser­vice, this is the time to wake up and ask the Automat­tic guys what is Word­Prexy.

Amyth, who hosts his blog @ WordPress.com report­ed that there is a Turk­ish site, Word­Prexy, that has cloned every WordPress.com host­ed blogs and now show­ing Google AdSense ads on ’em. Here is the orig­i­nal post:

While ran­dom­ly blog-surf­ing I found this blog which said some­one acci­den­tal­ly dis­cov­ered “Word­prexy”. Basi­cal­ly ALL Word­Press blogs (Yes, Includ­ing yours if you blog on Word­Press) have a clone at Word­prexy. If you have a blog on WordPress.Com, you can prob­a­bly punch in your URL and see “your” clone as well!

I punched in http://talkingtails.wordprexy.com and was sur­prised to see my blog on Word­prexy with some sort of a Dis­claimer at the foot­er writ­ten in Turk­ish! The only dif­fer­ence between my Word­Press blog and its clone on Word­prexy (sic!) is that the lat­ter has Google Ads … Some­thing I haven’t sub­scribed to. Basi­cal­ly, some­one has export­ed ALL WordPress.com blogs and has tweaked the script to add Google Ads.. Fur­ther, Googling for “Word­prexy” again brought up some queer Turk­ish pages. Search­ing on Word­Press’ inter­nal forums and FAQs didn’t yeild any­thing either!Are they a bunch of hack­ers mak­ing mon­ey out of oth­er peo­ples’ con­tent??… I won­der!

If you’re read­ing this, please shed some light.. I’d be glad if you did!

After read­ing this post, I checked my old WordPress.com host­ed blog that is in pri­vate mode and was shocked when Word­Prexy redi­rect­ed me to a login page. It just proved that every sin­gle blog has been copied, no mat­ter if they’re pri­vate or pub­lic.

When I vis­it­ed the WordPrexy.com site, I real­ized that every­thing that is host­ed on WordPress.com has been copied, includ­ing the home page items. I tried to read the Word­Prexy Terms of Ser­vice but the page wasn’t avail­able. Then I went through WordPress.com ToS and Automat­tic Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy but there was no men­tion about Word­Prexy.

As Amyth writes, every cloned blog is show­ing a Turk­ish dis­claimer in the foot­er. If any AVINASH 2.0 read­er is from Turkey, I’ll appre­ci­ate it if you trans­late this dis­claimer found @ cloned Talk­ing­Tails blog:

Wordprexy.com: Dis­claimer – Yasal
WordPrexy.com sadece WordPress.com’un ice­rig­i­ni yan­sil­a­mak­tadir. WordPrexy.com ve GreatFirewallofTurkey.com sit­ede­ki icerik­ten sorum­lu degildir. Bize ulas­mak icin bu for­mu kul­lan­abilirsiniz. Uygun­suz icerik barindi­ran veya hakkin­da yasal olarak kap­atil­masi icin bildirim yapi­lan adres­lerin erisi­mi dur­du­rul­mak­tadir.

As far as I can guess, the dis­claimer has men­tioned some­thing about Turkey ban­ning the whole WordPress.com site so the Word­Prexy site may also be inter­nal­ly relat­ed to Word­Press. I just want to sug­gest that before you start wor­ry­ing about your data, please con­tact Word­Press sup­port to check if Word­Prexy is a try to make the WordPress.com con­tents avail­able to Turk­ish peo­ple.

If they don’t have any idea about Word­Prexy, I’ll be amazed.

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