… and is avail­able for down­load.

Take a look at the major new fea­ture addi­tions:

  1. Native Tag­ging Sup­port – allows you to use tags in addi­tion to cat­e­gories on your post, if you so choose. Importers for the Ulti­mate Tag War­rior, Jerome’s Key­words, Sim­ple Tags, and Bunny’s Tech­no­rati Tag plu­g­ins have also been includ­ed so if you’ve already been using a tag­ging plu­g­in you can bring your data into the new sys­tem.
  2. The new update noti­fi­ca­tion fea­ture lets you know when there is a new release of Word­Press or when any of the plu­g­ins you use has an update avail­able. It works by send­ing your blog URL, plu­g­ins, and ver­sion infor­ma­tion to the new api.wordpress.org ser­vice which then com­pares it to the plu­g­in data­base and tells you what the lat­est and great­est is you can use.
  3. A new fea­ture called canon­i­cal URLs is super cool. It enforces your no-www pref­er­ence, redi­rect posts with changed slugs so a link nev­er goes bad, redi­rect URLs that get cut off in emails on sim­i­lar to the cor­rect post, and much more. This helps your users, and it also helps your search engine opti­miza­tion, as search engines like for each page to be avail­able in one canon­i­cal loca­tion.
  4. Pend­ing Review fea­ture – Cool for mul­ti-author blogs. It allows authors to sub­mit a post for review by an edi­tor or admin­is­tra­tor, where before they would just have to save a draft and hope some­one noticed it.
  5. There is new advanced WYSIWYG func­tion­al­i­ty that allows you to access some fea­tures of TinyM­CE that were pre­vi­ous­ly hid­den.

And now some­thing cool for devel­op­ers:

1. Full and com­plete Atom 1.0 sup­port, includ­ing the pub­lish­ing pro­to­col.
2. We’re using the new jQuery whis is “800% faster.”
3. Behind the user-fac­ing tags sys­tem is a real­ly kick­ass tax­on­o­my sys­tem which, which adds a ton of flex­i­bil­i­ty. It’s prob­a­bly the biggest schema upgrade since ver­sion 1.5.
4. The importers have been revamped to be more mem­o­ry effi­cient, and you can now add an importer through a plu­g­in.
5. Through hooks and fil­ters you can now over­ride the update sys­tem, the dash­board RSS feeds, the feed pars­er, and tons more than you could in 2.2.
6. The new $wpdb->prepare() way of doing SQL queries.
7. Final­ly there were over 351 tick­ets in Trac closed for this release, with over a hun­dred peo­ple con­tribut­ing. This is the pol­ish, the hun­dreds of tiny bug fix­es and fea­tures that make Word­Press what it is.

All I can say is that I’m pret­ty hap­py about the ‘Update Noti­fi­ca­tion’ and ‘Canon­i­cal URLs’ fea­tures. You know, I’ve been eager­ly wait­ing for this release. Since WP 2.3 sta­ble is avail­able now, I can upgrade my blog in a click using my DreamHost con­trol pan­el. :)

What do YOU like about Word­Press 2.3? What are the new­ly added fea­tures in this release that you’re hap­py about?

VIA: Word­Press 2.3

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