Alright, a small tip for GNU/Linux users. Maybe a few GNU/Linux users will find it useful who are running their machines in dual boot mode.

If you’re a newbie, running a GNU/Linux distro that didn’t come with NTFS-3G Read/Write driver, here’s how to quickly transfer files from Linux to Windows partition:

  1. Fire up the cute little fdisk utility.
  2. Create a small (e.g. 1 GB) FAT32 partition. (Linux can read/write on a FAT32 partition.) Give it a label (e.g. Shared Files).
  3. Add the new partition details in your /etc/fstab file. Save the file.
  4. Mount the newly created partition.
  5. Copy your files to the newly created FAT32 partition.
  6. Restart your PC, switch to Windows and voila! You can access the shared files.
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