Recent­ly, I’ve noticed that my one and only favorite Web based feed read­er Streamy start­ed punc­tur­ing my brows­er when I’ve 9+ Fire­fox tabs open. Every Fire­fox pow­er user should be aware of the Fire­fox mem­o­ry leak prob­lem. In my case, Fire­fox dis­turbs me too much when I’m run­ning more than 4 heavy web apps simul­ta­ne­ous­ly.

Streamy used to behave nice­ly about a month ago (when I start­ed using it as a beta tester) but it seems like after the recent plat­form update, it has become a bit too heavy. When­ev­er I use it longer than 2hrs, Fire­fox becomes damn slow. Because of these trou­bles, I decid­ed to cre­ate a WebRun­ner pro­file for Streamy.

For those of you who don’t know what the heck is WebRun­ner:

WebRun­ner is a sim­ple XUL­Run­ner based brows­er that hosts web appli­ca­tions with­out the nor­mal web brows­er user inter­face. WebRun­ner is based on a con­cept called Site Spe­cif­ic Browsers (SSB). An SSB is an appli­ca­tion with an embed­ded brows­er designed to work exclu­sive­ly with a sin­gle web appli­ca­tion. It’s doesn’t have the menus, tool­bars and accoutrement’s of a nor­mal web brows­er. Some peo­ple have called it a “dis­trac­tion free brows­er” because none of the typ­i­cal brows­er chrome is used. An SSB also has a tighter inte­gra­tion with the OS and desk­top than a typ­i­cal web appli­ca­tion run­ning through a web brows­er.

With the Streamy WebRun­ner pro­file, I can eas­i­ly spend hours using Streamy with­out trou­bling my nor­mal brows­er ses­sion.

If you’re gonna try this tech­nique to run Streamy, please note that I’ve just cre­at­ed a basic pro­file. I’m cur­rent­ly test­ing a few fea­tures with this pro­file and will post about the next release when it’s ready. If you’re geeky and would like to build your own WebRun­ner pro­file for Streamy, spend some­time read­ing the WebRun­ner docs.

To run Streamy as a sep­a­rate desk­top-like appli­ca­tion, you’ll first need to down­load and install WebRun­ner. When you’ve installed WebRun­ner on your machine, down­load this Streamy WebRun­ner pro­file:

Dou­ble-click the streamy.webapp file to launch the appli­ca­tion.

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