Read the title? Want an invite? Let me know in your com­ments. :)

Please note that I’ve only 5 Streamy invites avail­able right now but, I’m gonna share only 4 invites. I’ll share these invites with the peo­ple who sound friend­ly and intel­li­gent in their com­ments. If I’ve more invites avail­able, I’ll love to share with you.

One more thing: Streamy has a won­der­ful social atmos­phere but it also is a com­plete­ly closed sys­tem. You can’t see some­one else’s pro­file who isn’t in your friend’s list. You can make more Streamy friends either by invit­ing your friends to join Streamy or send­ing a friend request to anoth­er Streamy user.

Due to Streamy’s closed nature, I request that please, please don’t request for an invite if our inter­ests don’t match. For exam­ple, if you’re some­one who has just start­ed blog­ging and loves writ­ing about mon­ey mak­ing stuffs, you’re not of my type.

For me, send­ing a Streamy invite is like select­ing my new friends and I cer­tain­ly don’t want to select some­one as a friend who either doesn’t have the time to com­mu­ni­cate or is too chat­ty! We geeks already spend too much time with com­put­ers and gad­gets so don’t request for an invite if you’re gonna stay on my list like a robot.

By the way, I got­ta admit that Streamy is look­ing more beau­ti­ful after the Streamy devel­op­ers released new plat­form update (I’ll be post­ing about this pret­ty soon on my blog).

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