Recent­ly, I’ve seen two new Web 2.0 star­tups in the ‘learn for­eign lan­guages’ seg­ment. These com­pa­nies are tar­get­ing an audi­ence that is spe­cial­ly inter­est­ed in learning/teaching for­eign lan­guages. The con­cept sounds cool ’cause there are many peo­ple who are inter­est­ed in learn­ing Span­ish, Russ­ian, Ger­man, French, etc., includ­ing myself and when there is some­one ready to teach you these lan­guages for FREE, the con­cept auto­mat­i­cal­ly becomes super cool, doesn’t it?

And these two sites are:


I start­ed using Man­go Lan­guages about 13hrs ago and so far, I’ve liked its Flash based Span­ish lessons. In its cur­rent state, Man­go Lan­guages can’t be called a social lan­guage net­work though. It still has many pow­er­ful fea­tures that make lan­guage learn­ing a fun expe­ri­ence. The main fea­tures are:

  • Col­or Cod­ed Trans­la­tions
  • Audio of Native Speak­ers
  • Inter­act With Indi­vid­ual Words and Phras­es
  • Speak­er Icon at the Begin­ning of Each Full Sen­tence
  • Pho­net­ics
  • Rel­e­vant and Real Con­ver­sa­tions
  • Note Slides
  • Mem­o­ry Build­ing Exer­cis­es

These fea­tures should be more than enough for any per­son who wants to learn any for­eign lan­guages. Per­son­al­ly, I find the col­or cod­ed trans­la­tions pret­ty help­ful. I com­plet­ed a few lessons in less than 3hrs and was able to chat with a friend in Span­ish for more than 10 min­utes. In the end, she said: “Wow! I didn’t know that you can read/write Span­ish so well. I’m impressed.”

There is one more site that can be pret­ty use­ful. I’m yet to start any les­son on this site though. This social lan­guage net­work­ing site is:


I joined Live­mocha after read­ing this Pro­fy blog post titled Live­mocha: A Social Lan­guage Learn­ing Expe­ri­ence. Live­mocha has many lan­guage cours­es designed to make you an expert in any for­eign lan­guage. You can also add friends who are inter­est­ed in teach­ing you their native lan­guages.

Every­thing is free so the only thing that you need is the pas­sion to learn any for­eign lan­guage.

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