Jonathan Snook has devel­oped an Adobe AIR-pow­ered appli­ca­tion for twit­ter­ing. He calls it Snit­ter!


  • auto-updates tweet list every 5 min­utes
  • high­lights mes­sages sent to you via @ syn­tax (and makes a chirp)
  • clear cur­rent list of tweets
  • refresh list of tweets
  • dis­plays last time it tried to request an update (so you know if it crashed for some rea­son)
  • view 20 most recent items in your time­line
  • view 20 most recent replies
  • view 20 most recent direct mes­sages
  • view and fil­ter friends list by name and screen name (there is a cur­rent bug in the Twit­ter API that may result in miss­ing friends if you have more than 100)
  • view and fil­ter fol­low­ers
  • links to eas­i­ly @reply and Direct mes­sage users
  • key­board short­cuts to access each pan­el (t=tweets, a=archives, r=replies, d=direct mes­sages, f=friends, o=followers, u=updates)

The appli­ca­tion is cool but remem­ber that it’s cur­rent­ly in the alpha stage so you’re bound to encounter a few bugs. I installed it on my work­sta­tion and cur­rent­ly using it to send new Twit­ter mes­sages. Every­thing seems to be work­ing per­fect­ly except one minor bug. When­ev­er you try to access your Twit­ter followers/friends lists, the appli­ca­tion pops up an Action Script error but as I’ve already writ­ten, Snit­ter is an alpha app so except a few minor bugs.

You can down­load Snit­ter from the offi­cial Snit­ter page.

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