Past and Future

1). Sorry to say that tomorrow, I’m going to spend hours leaving spammers’ communities over at MyBlogLog.

‘Sorry’ because I didn’t want to offend some people by leaving their communities. I’ve liked reading their blogs and learned a few things too but the problem is that if you’re not ready to understand my problem, why should I understand yours? You just don’t understand that there are gazillions of people who already have enough money to buy whatever they want to buy. They don’t need your free gifts worth $1000 or even $10,000.

I waited and waited and waited.. more than one, two or three months, to see what MyBlogLog does to control SPAM. Got nothing in return. Now I’ve really lost all the strength to digest “promotion” messages. I kept my words to not spam any of my MyBlogLog community members and I’m glad that many people who left comments in this old MyBlogLog thread did the same.

My community members can be dead sure that if Avinash has to promote his blog/websites, he’ll prefer investing money in programs like AdWords instead of pissing people off by sending self-promotional crap. Months ago, when I went against the MyBlogLog bulk-messaging feature, many MyBlogLog supporters wrote that the folks at MyBlogLog did good by introducing the bulk-messaging feature. It’ll force “spammers (the MBL members who joined over 300 communities)” leave many communities because a person can’t read so many blogs, can’t interact with 1000s of people, etc.

Who the hell are you to decide who can read how many blogs?! Anyway, let’s forget this ’cause it doesn’t matter anymore. I track over a thousand blog feeds so I’m a spammer. Funny thing is that I’m saying sorry before leaving your communities. I shouldn’t because you’ll be happy if a ‘spammer’ leaves your MBL communities. So here we go… Tomorrow, I’ll leave all the communities who have sent promotional crap my way. I want to see my MyBlogLog profile clean. Now it doesn’t matter if I have to leave 75% or even 90% communities to keep my profile clean. If you’re a member of BlogCatalog, send me your community URL. I’ll be more than happy to join your community, i.e., if I’ve some spare time to kill.

2). Too many subscribers maybe wondering why am I not posting new posts. If you’re one of them, forgive me for ignoring you for more than 10 days. I’ve been busy building a beowulf cluster for one of my projects. Had to install and configure Slackware on 20+ workstations. It may take a few more days to make everything fully functional for the project. I’ve been slacking so much that I may start writing about Slackware on this blog.

I didn’t spend all these days installing and configuring Slackware though. My body, mind and soul was pretty bored of computers so I spent hours with nature in the past 7 or 8 days. A complete self-reboot! Now I’m feeling way better.

3). My “news river” project is stuck somewhere in the Internet tube!

4). I’ve a tiny surprise but I won’t mention a word about it. Reason? I always fail to finish my personal projects at time!

5). Happy Navaratri, my Indian readers!

6). Check out, an amazing Tumblr alternative. I’ve been using it for one of my eLife streams and really like it. It imports links from my, StumbleUpon (both reviews and thumbed-up links), ma.gnolia, Pownce, Twitter and other social bookmarking accounts. Almost any feed works with You can also import your Tumblr blog posts.

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