Past and Future

1). Sor­ry to say that tomor­row, I’m going to spend hours leav­ing spam­mers’ com­mu­ni­ties over at MyBlogLog.

Sor­ry’ because I didn’t want to offend some peo­ple by leav­ing their com­mu­ni­ties. I’ve liked read­ing their blogs and learned a few things too but the prob­lem is that if you’re not ready to under­stand my prob­lem, why should I under­stand yours? You just don’t under­stand that there are gazil­lions of peo­ple who already have enough mon­ey to buy what­ev­er they want to buy. They don’t need your free gifts worth $1000 or even $10,000.

I wait­ed and wait­ed and wait­ed.. more than one, two or three months, to see what MyBlogLog does to con­trol SPAM. Got noth­ing in return. Now I’ve real­ly lost all the strength to digest “pro­mo­tion” mes­sages. I kept my words to not spam any of my MyBlogLog com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers and I’m glad that many peo­ple who left com­ments in this old MyBlogLog thread did the same.

My com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers can be dead sure that if Avinash has to pro­mote his blog/websites, he’ll pre­fer invest­ing mon­ey in pro­grams like AdWords instead of piss­ing peo­ple off by send­ing self-pro­mo­tion­al crap. Months ago, when I went against the MyBlogLog bulk-mes­sag­ing fea­ture, many MyBlogLog sup­port­ers wrote that the folks at MyBlogLog did good by intro­duc­ing the bulk-mes­sag­ing fea­ture. It’ll force “spam­mers (the MBL mem­bers who joined over 300 com­mu­ni­ties)” leave many com­mu­ni­ties because a per­son can’t read so many blogs, can’t inter­act with 1000s of peo­ple, etc.

Who the hell are you to decide who can read how many blogs?! Any­way, let’s for­get this ’cause it doesn’t mat­ter any­more. I track over a thou­sand blog feeds so I’m a spam­mer. Fun­ny thing is that I’m say­ing sor­ry before leav­ing your com­mu­ni­ties. I shouldn’t because you’ll be hap­py if a ‘spam­mer’ leaves your MBL com­mu­ni­ties. So here we go… Tomor­row, I’ll leave all the com­mu­ni­ties who have sent pro­mo­tion­al crap my way. I want to see my MyBlogLog pro­file clean. Now it doesn’t mat­ter if I have to leave 75% or even 90% com­mu­ni­ties to keep my pro­file clean. If you’re a mem­ber of Blog­Cat­a­log, send me your com­mu­ni­ty URL. I’ll be more than hap­py to join your com­mu­ni­ty, i.e., if I’ve some spare time to kill.

2). Too many sub­scribers maybe won­der­ing why am I not post­ing new posts. If you’re one of them, for­give me for ignor­ing you for more than 10 days. I’ve been busy build­ing a beowulf clus­ter for one of my projects. Had to install and con­fig­ure Slack­ware on 20+ work­sta­tions. It may take a few more days to make every­thing ful­ly func­tion­al for the project. I’ve been slack­ing so much that I may start writ­ing about Slack­ware on this blog.

I didn’t spend all these days installing and con­fig­ur­ing Slack­ware though. My body, mind and soul was pret­ty bored of com­put­ers so I spent hours with nature in the past 7 or 8 days. A com­plete self-reboot! Now I’m feel­ing way bet­ter.

3). My “news riv­er” project is stuck some­where in the Inter­net tube!

4). I’ve a tiny sur­prise but I won’t men­tion a word about it. Rea­son? I always fail to fin­ish my per­son­al projects at time!

5). Hap­py Navara­tri, my Indi­an read­ers!

6). Check out, an amaz­ing Tum­blr alter­na­tive. I’ve been using it for one of my eLife streams and real­ly like it. It imports links from my, Stum­ble­Upon (both reviews and thumbed-up links), ma.gnolia, Pownce, Twit­ter and oth­er social book­mark­ing accounts. Almost any feed works with You can also import your Tum­blr blog posts.

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