So many peo­ple blog about new Web 2.0 star­tups. Peo­ple take inspi­ra­tions from these star­tups and come up with their own unique ideas to launch new Web 2.0 com­pa­nies. Many peo­ple like being copy-cats. They not only take inspi­ra­tions from big play­ers, e.g. Digg, but also try to copy the whole con­cept.

No mat­ter if you’re a copy-cat start­up or some­one with an unique Web 2.0 busi­ness con­cept, once you launch a com­pa­ny, there’s always risk involved. A small mis­take in the idea-exe­cu­tion-process and you end up bit­ing the dust. What can you do to save your com­pa­ny from get­ting lost in his­to­ry?

Learn from the deads.

Yup. That’s the answer. Try to catch the weak points that sent so many com­pa­nies to the TC dead­pool and learn from their mis­takes.

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