Some of you may already be aware that I’m a feed maniac. Very few people read so many blogs as I do and the main reason behind reading thousands of blogs is my goal to know almost every social media business trick before I actually become serious about making money from this blog. Currently, I’ve better things to do in life so just storing information in my brain. Knowledge never hurts, right?

One more major benefit of reading thousands of blogs is the opportunity to see how deep in the water are the other bloggers. I scan their blogs and try to notice both the pros and cons of their blogging style. You can’t become perfect in blogging if you try to catch only the strong points. The weak points are equally important. Take a simple ‘RSS link’ as an example. Many bloggers spend hours writing quality articles to gain more subscribers but can’t add a simple RSS link in their sidebars/navigation bars. And when they see their FeedBurner subscriber count increasing like a turtle, they cry.

If you’re a blogger and feeling too lazy to add a simple RSS link in your sidebar/navigation bar, you better add one today ’cause you’re losing potential subscribers by not displaying a RSS link.

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