Some of you may already be aware that I’m a feed mani­ac. Very few peo­ple read so many blogs as I do and the main rea­son behind read­ing thou­sands of blogs is my goal to know almost every social media busi­ness trick before I actu­al­ly become seri­ous about mak­ing mon­ey from this blog. Cur­rent­ly, I’ve bet­ter things to do in life so just stor­ing infor­ma­tion in my brain. Knowl­edge nev­er hurts, right?

One more major ben­e­fit of read­ing thou­sands of blogs is the oppor­tu­ni­ty to see how deep in the water are the oth­er blog­gers. I scan their blogs and try to notice both the pros and cons of their blog­ging style. You can’t become per­fect in blog­ging if you try to catch only the strong points. The weak points are equal­ly impor­tant. Take a sim­ple ‘RSS link’ as an exam­ple. Many blog­gers spend hours writ­ing qual­i­ty arti­cles to gain more sub­scribers but can’t add a sim­ple RSS link in their sidebars/navigation bars. And when they see their Feed­Burn­er sub­scriber count increas­ing like a tur­tle, they cry.

If you’re a blog­ger and feel­ing too lazy to add a sim­ple RSS link in your sidebar/navigation bar, you bet­ter add one today ’cause you’re los­ing poten­tial sub­scribers by not dis­play­ing a RSS link.

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