.. and every Web designer is aware of this fact. Even after the release of Internet Explorer 7, it’s a big headache for the designers. A few months ago, I decided to stay away from Microsoft products and removed it completely from my hard drive.

I’ve been using Gentoo Linux as my main OS for some time, particularly since I made some changes in Avirb, the WordPress theme that I’m using for this blog. I’ve also Slackware and FreeBSD installed on different partitions but I mostly use Gentoo ’cause of its speed.

Since I didn’t have Internet Explorer installed @ Gentoo, I made the changes and tested it in Firefox and Opera. I know that if a design works in Firefox, it’ll normally work fine in Safari. The pages appear slightly different in Opera and Konqueror, the default Web & file browser for KDE, but that’s not a problem.

A few days ago when I tested my design using Browsershots, a website that allows you to test your web design in different browsers, the current theme looked completely ugly in both Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0. You can see that Firefox and Safari render the pages correctly.

If you’re a web designer, you can catch the problem just by taking a look at the snapshots. I had commented out a color code for the anchor tag, instead of completely deleting the hex code. All the other major browsers rendered the pages as intended but Internet Explorer turned it into an ugly design. I’m pretty sure that I’ve lost many potential readers/clients mainly ’cause Internet Explorer still captures quite a big market share.

Finally, feeling helpless, I installed Internet Explorer 6 SP1 @ Gentoo. I’m not happy at all ’cause even when I don’t want to use Microsoft products, Microsoft forces me to use ’em. It’s like “Use Internet Explorer, You Dope or else lose readers!”

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