.. and every Web design­er is aware of this fact. Even after the release of Inter­net Explor­er 7, it’s a big headache for the design­ers. A few months ago, I decid­ed to stay away from Microsoft prod­ucts and removed it com­plete­ly from my hard dri­ve.

I’ve been using Gen­too Lin­ux as my main OS for some time, par­tic­u­lar­ly since I made some changes in Avirb, the Word­Press theme that I’m using for this blog. I’ve also Slack­ware and FreeB­SD installed on dif­fer­ent par­ti­tions but I most­ly use Gen­too ’cause of its speed.

Since I didn’t have Inter­net Explor­er installed @ Gen­too, I made the changes and test­ed it in Fire­fox and Opera. I know that if a design works in Fire­fox, it’ll nor­mal­ly work fine in Safari. The pages appear slight­ly dif­fer­ent in Opera and Kon­queror, the default Web & file brows­er for KDE, but that’s not a prob­lem.

A few days ago when I test­ed my design using Browser­shots, a web­site that allows you to test your web design in dif­fer­ent browsers, the cur­rent theme looked com­plete­ly ugly in both Inter­net Explor­er 6.0 and 7.0. You can see that Fire­fox and Safari ren­der the pages cor­rect­ly.

If you’re a web design­er, you can catch the prob­lem just by tak­ing a look at the snap­shots. I had com­ment­ed out a col­or code for the anchor tag, instead of com­plete­ly delet­ing the hex code. All the oth­er major browsers ren­dered the pages as intend­ed but Inter­net Explor­er turned it into an ugly design. I’m pret­ty sure that I’ve lost many poten­tial readers/clients main­ly ’cause Inter­net Explor­er still cap­tures quite a big mar­ket share.

Final­ly, feel­ing help­less, I installed Inter­net Explor­er 6 SP1 @ Gen­too. I’m not hap­py at all ’cause even when I don’t want to use Microsoft prod­ucts, Microsoft forces me to use ’em. It’s like “Use Inter­net Explor­er, You Dope or else lose read­ers!”

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