Did you know that today is Blog­Day? :)

I was lost in my blog upgrade and oth­er ‘news riv­er addi­tion’ relat­ed stuffs that’s why couldn’t find the time to wish you guys ear­li­er. Some of you may have seen this blog com­plete­ly erased if you vis­it­ed a few hours ago. I tried to add extra scripts in the blog root direc­to­ry but it didn’t work so I had to com­plete­ly start from scratch. Sor­ry if you faced any trou­ble read­ing arti­cles while the blog appeared to be lost in obliv­ion.

I’ve added some cool stuffs in the WP core and will be work­ing on my news riv­er project for the next 6 or 7 days. I’ve also read too many awe­some arti­cles this week so expect some cool arti­cle links in my tomorrow’s link col­lec­tion. You can also expect a pret­ty big and detailed review of Streamy, with lots of screen­shots. ;)

One thing that I should let you know: This blog may have gazil­lions of errors at this time ’cause of heavy tests run­ning in the back­ground. Please be patient for the next few days if you face any trou­ble.

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