I read this weird post over at Down­load Squad that a guy blocked Fire­fox users because they use Adblock Plus to fil­ter site adver­tise­ments.

If you vis­it his weblog, it’ll redi­rect you to a Why Fire­fox is blocked page. The guy equates your deci­sion to skip over the ads as “steal­ing” con­tent by view­ing the orig­i­nal mate­r­i­al with­out the ads.

Am I the only per­son who thinks that this guy has made a big mis­take by block­ing Fire­fox? Don’t web­site vis­i­tors have the right to see a web­site con­tent accord­ing to their own require­ments? I know many peo­ple who browse in text-mode. This guy should have blocked ’em as well! It’s like you block a vis­i­tor who is using the NoScript exten­sion to block Scripts and flash con­tent on your site.

By the way, when did site adver­tise­ments become “con­tent”? Let me know what you think about this guy.

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