If you’ve been look­ing for a place to find all the tech tips shared on Twit­ter, look no fur­ther since there is now a place just for that: Tweet­snip­pet

Tweet­snip­pet is a site by Casper Sorensen that curates all the cool tech tips and tricks post­ed on Twit­ter and puts them in one place. The site makes find­ing or brows­ing these tips very easy. 

Casper used the mag­ic of Lar­avel, JavaScript, Twit­ter API and Vue JS to cre­ate the site in mere­ly a cou­ple of days. Have you got any ideas like this that you think can be of real help to oth­ers but haven’t got the time or skills to do it your­self, let me know in the com­ments. Who knows, may be I’ve the exact­ly right amount of time & skills to bring it to light?

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