A few days ago, Mr. Chris Garrett, a blogging and new media genius, tagged me for a wonderful blogging meme. Though I’ve a pretty different feeling about meme’s, I suggest you to read his original post titled ‘What is Your Blog About Really?‘.

Since many of you AVINASH 2.0 readers are bloggers, I thought to share the link with you. You’ll certainly learn something from his writings. He started the meme ’cause it’s always good to know why your readers are subscribed to your blog. What did they find cool about your blog that they decided to become your feed subscriber? If you have right information about your readers, you can serve better, useful content.

With all that said, I’d appreciate it if you answer my simple questions:

  • What do you think this blog is all about?
  • What made you add my blog feed in your feed reader?
  • Do you have any suggestion to improve the quality of this blog?

P.S. I haven’t included the original tagged links in this post because I really don’t like repeating the same stuff. I thank Mr. Chris for including me in the meme but I apologize for not actually following it. If you’ve no problem with meme’s, please help Chris spread the word about this meme!

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