Steven Aitchi­son, one of my Stum­ble­Upon friends and the author of Change Your Thoughts has writ­ten a good arti­cle on attract­ing more Stum­ble­Upon traf­fic. Though I’ve nev­er been much inter­est­ed in the “increase your blog traf­fic type arti­cles”, I like the hon­est points that Steven makes in this arti­cle.

Steven writes that every Stum­ble­Upon mem­ber likes get­ting reviewed and once you leave a nice review, there are chances that the per­son you’ve reviewed will review you back. It has hap­pened 4 or 5 times with me that I left a review and earned a nice review in return. The more reviews you get, the bet­ter. But, the main ques­tion is: Is review­ing oth­ers with the sole pur­pose to pro­mote your self-sub­mit­ted con­tent an eth­i­cal behav­ior?

Per­son­al­ly, I won’t do that. Nei­ther will I sug­gest sub­mit­ting your own blog links unless you feel you’ve writ­ten some­thing that oth­ers will real­ly, real­ly like and find use­ful. Even if you have writ­ten a qual­i­ty arti­cle, avoid sub­mit­ting your own pages to Stum­ble­Upon. Self-pro­mo­tion is liked under a cer­tain lim­it and it applies every­where, be it Digg, red­dit or Stum­ble­Upon. I used to sub­mit one or two per­son­al links/week back in March when I active­ly start­ed using Stum­ble­Upon but stopped doing this pret­ty soon.

If you real­ly want to attract lots of Stum­ble­Upon traf­fic, here are the 5 points that have been pret­ty use­ful for me:

  1. Fresh & Qual­i­ty Con­tent Dis­cov­ery
  2. Fair and detailed reviews
  3. Rel­e­van­cy
  4. Try­ing to under­stand what your friends/fans like the most
  5. Pro­mote your friends, get pro­mot­ed

1). Fresh & Qual­i­ty Con­tent Dis­cov­ery — Qual­i­ty con­tent. Sub­mit­ting any con­tent won’t help. You’ll also have to focus on the qual­i­ty of the arti­cle that you’re sub­mit­ting. The rule is sim­ple. Sup­port the com­mu­ni­ty in dis­cov­er­ing qual­i­ty arti­cles, the com­mu­ni­ty will auto­mat­i­cal­ly sup­port you. Have you ever noticed why there are a few peo­ple who have sub­mit­ted just a few thou­sand links but have over 5 thou­sand fans? Do you ever try to notice why there are a few stum­blers who have liked more than 100,000 pages and still have only 5 or 6 hun­dred fans?

Qual­i­ty, my friend. It’s the qual­i­ty that mat­ters. Nobody cares about the num­bers. The best way to attract more fans is by con­cen­trat­ing your mind on dis­cov­er­ing good arti­cles.

2). Fair and detailed reviews — Just hit­ting the “I like it” but­ton isn’t going to help. If you’ve time, try to leave a review for the arti­cle that you’ve just dis­cov­ered. Just writ­ing some­thing like ‘good arti­cle. I like it.’ isn’t going to help either. I’ve come across thou­sands of such stum­blers who leave these type of reviews. Some pro­file pages are full of “great links. good stum­bler” type of posts.

If you want to attract oth­ers, you’ll have to write a review that is unique and insight­ful at the same time. You should leave a review like you leave a com­ment on any blog, i.e., if your main aim is to attract traf­fic. If you fol­low point #1 and #2, you’ll end up attract­ing lots of fan. It’s guar­an­teed. Just try these points for a week and you’ll see if I’m right or wrong.

3). Rel­e­van­cy — Rel­e­van­cy is the key point. Always avoid adding irrel­e­vant peo­ple in your “mutu­al friends” list because they are not gonna help you in this gen­er­ate-traf­fic mis­sion. Always remem­ber that you can make only 200 mutu­al friends.

4). Try­ing to under­stand what your friends/fans like the most — When you real­ize that you’ve start­ed attract­ing new fans, you should vis­it their pro­files and spend some­time try­ing to under­stand their likes/dislikes. If your inter­ests match, send some high-qual­i­ty links their way. I’m assum­ing you already know how to send links to your friends.

Here your main goal should be to make the link pop­u­lar that you’ve just sent to your friend, even if the arti­cle is not from your own blog. How does it help? Well, if your friends real­ly like the arti­cle, they’ll leave reviews for sure. 4 or 5 reviews and there is 70% chance that you’ll gain a few new fans.

5). Pro­mote your friends, get pro­mot­ed — If you find some­thing inter­est­ing on your friend’s pro­file, don’t hes­i­tate adding a link to his/her pro­file in your review. Some­thing like ‘Discovered@ ABC’s pro­file‘ will do the job.

If your friend main­tains a blog, vis­it his/her blog, read a few arti­cles and if you find some­thing inter­est­ing, sub­mit it to Stum­ble­Upon. Try doing this for a few weeks and you’ll real­ize that your friend has start­ed doing the same thing for you.

Just try these 5 points for a few weeks if you real­ly want to attract tons of traf­fic.

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