Here we go, again! Back in Sep­tem­ber, I had 5 Streamy pri­vate beta invites. I tried to save one but peo­ple were ask­ing so nice­ly that I couldn’t save any invite.

Today I logged in after weeks to check recent changes and was glad to see too many pow­er­ful changes in the Streamy plat­form. The devel­op­ers are real­ly doing some­thing amaz­ing. I’ve pre­vi­ous­ly dis­cussed about Streamy on this blog and still feel that I wasn’t wrong when I said: “Streamy is the grand dad­dy of ’em all feed read­ers.” I’ve spent my share of time using Google Read­er and have recent­ly been using Feed Each Oth­er but Streamy beats ’em all. If its design isn’t able to attract you, the fea­tures cer­tain­ly will.

Let me know if you need an invite. I’ve 5 invites left.

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