First of all, Hap­py New Year, dear read­ers! May the year 2008 bring lots of hap­pi­ness and suc­cess for you and your close ones!

I’ve recent­ly been tak­ing rest from blog­ging but still active on a few social book­mark­ing sites, includ­ing Stum­ble­Upon. Yes­ter­day I stum­bled upon Myoats, a web­site that allows you to cre­ate sim­ple or com­plex designs, shapes and pat­terns. Here is an exam­ple of what you can draw in 2-3 min­utes:


See? I was just test­ing the tool and it took me less than 3 min­utes to draw this. This tool is pret­ty addic­tive and can be pret­ty use­ful for your next design projects. Me? I’m gonna use this tool main­ly to cre­ate com­plex pat­terns and futur­is­tic designs. The designs that you cre­ate using Myoats can be:

  • Down­loaded as an image.
  • Down­loaded as a trans­par­ent png.
  • Saved to your per­son­al account, which allows for edit­ing and re-sav­ing.
  • Made into a wall­pa­per

The re-sav­ing fea­ture allows you to edit an exist­ing draw­ing and save it as a new file. The site also allows you to rate designs drawn by oth­er design­ers. Oh, the site is free to use so feel free to join and draw as much as you like.

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