Back in March, I shared a wonderful CreativeMornings talk by Simon Collison on creativity. I hope some of you may have learned something new and highly useful from that talk. Today, I’m sharing with you yet another talk which is equally inspiring and full of wisdom.

This talk is by Aral Balkan, an Experience Designer from Brighton, on designing or making things that not only look beautiful but also work flawlessly, without making people think. This is actually a keynote from the PHP UK Conference held in London back in February, 2013 and it’s full of good and bad examples of interface design.

In this talk, Aral presents enough cases, reasons and tips on designing interfaces that if followed carefully, they can transform you from a designer to a great designer. And you don’t even have to be a designer to benefit from his talk. As long as you’re involved in making something, you’re going to heavily benefit from the wisdom shared in this talk.

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