Back in March, I shared a won­der­ful Cre­ative­Morn­ings talk by Simon Col­li­son on cre­ativ­i­ty. I hope some of you may have learned some­thing new and high­ly use­ful from that talk. Today, I’m shar­ing with you yet anoth­er talk which is equal­ly inspir­ing and full of wis­dom.

This talk is by Aral Balkan, an Expe­ri­ence Design­er from Brighton, on design­ing or mak­ing things that not only look beau­ti­ful but also work flaw­less­ly, with­out mak­ing peo­ple think. This is actu­al­ly a keynote from the PHP UK Con­fer­ence held in Lon­don back in Feb­ru­ary, 2013 and it’s full of good and bad exam­ples of inter­face design.

In this talk, Aral presents enough cas­es, rea­sons and tips on design­ing inter­faces that if fol­lowed care­ful­ly, they can trans­form you from a design­er to a great design­er. And you don’t even have to be a design­er to ben­e­fit from his talk. As long as you’re involved in mak­ing some­thing, you’re going to heav­i­ly ben­e­fit from the wis­dom shared in this talk.

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