… it’s time for me to get up and get involved in blogging once again. So, I’ll go ahead and say hello to all the people who have ever read this blog (& found something interesting/useful here).

How have you been? It was a long break for me (from blogging). I spent all this time away from the Internet trying new things, getting real and you know, ‘having a life’. :-) Although I haven’t returned back with a plan to do serious blogging, you may still expect 1-2 posts every week.

Now you’ll mostly find new articles of technical nature (programming, etc.) because I’ve done a lot of coding while being away from Blogosphere. I discovered that the backend side of the Web is much more fun to write about than just posting random lists & such stuffs. I’ll be writing about 4-5 things that I’m currently interested into: WordPress, Mobile Development, Google App Engine & Semantic Web.

That’s all for now. Hope to see you guys soon in the upcoming posts.

– Avinash

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