Read the title? Want an invite? Let me know in your comments. :)

Please note that I’ve only 5 Streamy invites available right now but, I’m gonna share only 4 invites. I’ll share these invites with the people who sound friendly and intelligent in their comments. If I’ve more invites available, I’ll love to share with you.

One more thing: Streamy has a wonderful social atmosphere but it also is a completely closed system. You can’t see someone else’s profile who isn’t in your friend’s list. You can make more Streamy friends either by inviting your friends to join Streamy or sending a friend request to another Streamy user.

Due to Streamy’s closed nature, I request that please, please don’t request for an invite if our interests don’t match. For example, if you’re someone who has just started blogging and loves writing about money making stuffs, you’re not of my type.

For me, sending a Streamy invite is like selecting my new friends and I certainly don’t want to select someone as a friend who either doesn’t have the time to communicate or is too chatty! We geeks already spend too much time with computers and gadgets so don’t request for an invite if you’re gonna stay on my list like a robot.

By the way, I gotta admit that Streamy is looking more beautiful after the Streamy developers released new platform update (I’ll be posting about this pretty soon on my blog).

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