Recently, I’ve seen two new Web 2.0 startups in the ‘learn foreign languages’ segment. These companies are targeting an audience that is specially interested in learning/teaching foreign languages. The concept sounds cool ’cause there are many people who are interested in learning Spanish, Russian, German, French, etc., including myself and when there is someone ready to teach you these languages for FREE, the concept automatically becomes super cool, doesn’t it?

And these two sites are:


I started using Mango Languages about 13hrs ago and so far, I’ve liked its Flash based Spanish lessons. In its current state, Mango Languages can’t be called a social language network though. It still has many powerful features that make language learning a fun experience. The main features are:

  • Color Coded Translations
  • Audio of Native Speakers
  • Interact With Individual Words and Phrases
  • Speaker Icon at the Beginning of Each Full Sentence
  • Phonetics
  • Relevant and Real Conversations
  • Note Slides
  • Memory Building Exercises

These features should be more than enough for any person who wants to learn any foreign languages. Personally, I find the color coded translations pretty helpful. I completed a few lessons in less than 3hrs and was able to chat with a friend in Spanish for more than 10 minutes. In the end, she said: “Wow! I didn’t know that you can read/write Spanish so well. I’m impressed.”

There is one more site that can be pretty useful. I’m yet to start any lesson on this site though. This social language networking site is:


I joined Livemocha after reading this Profy blog post titled Livemocha: A Social Language Learning Experience. Livemocha has many language courses designed to make you an expert in any foreign language. You can also add friends who are interested in teaching you their native languages.

Everything is free so the only thing that you need is the passion to learn any foreign language.

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