Pownce, the creation of Digg founder Kevin Rose, has introduced some new features:

  • Upcoming Event Notifications – In the right column of your Pownce homepage, you’ll now see the next five upcoming events you’ve been sent. It’s a handy way to make sure you don’t miss something.
  • Inline Video Playback & Inline Image Previews – Now if you place a video link in your notes, Pownce will automagically display the video player right there in your notes.

    Pownce will now display image thumbnails if you host your images @ Zooomr. Other image hosting services (like Photobucket and Flickr) will be supported in the future.

  • Display Your Social Networks & Links – Now add your social network/bookmark profile links in your Pownce sidebar. There are options to add your personal website link and Instant Messenger IDs as well.
  • New Preferences Settings – You can now open links in a new window by default. There are a few other interesting options available in the ‘Preferences’ tab.

Visit the official Pownce blog to read more about the new features. People who haven’t received Pownce invites yet, let me know in your comments. I’ve a few invites left.

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