Did you know that today is BlogDay? :)

I was lost in my blog upgrade and other ‘news river addition’ related stuffs that’s why couldn’t find the time to wish you guys earlier. Some of you may have seen this blog completely erased if you visited a few hours ago. I tried to add extra scripts in the blog root directory but it didn’t work so I had to completely start from scratch. Sorry if you faced any trouble reading articles while the blog appeared to be lost in oblivion.

I’ve added some cool stuffs in the WP core and will be working on my news river project for the next 6 or 7 days. I’ve also read too many awesome articles this week so expect some cool article links in my tomorrow’s link collection. You can also expect a pretty big and detailed review of Streamy, with lots of screenshots. ;)

One thing that I should let you know: This blog may have gazillions of errors at this time ’cause of heavy tests running in the background. Please be patient for the next few days if you face any trouble.

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