Millions of people use StumbleUpon but how many of them actually pay attention to the reviews left by fellow Stumblers? Often I come across hit-in-the-face type of reviews left by people who seem to have joined StumbleUpon with an aim to click the “thumbs down” button. These are the people who lack the sense of netiquette.

I don’t know about you but if you ask me, I sometimes feel like leaving StumbleUpon ’cause of these born-negative types. I certainly didn’t join StumbleUpon to often come across abusive, plain crap reviews. Though StumbleUpon provides you the option to rate reviews, it seems like hardly 20% Stumblers use this feature.

If any StumbleUpon user is reading this post, please, save it from becoming YouTube by using the "Helpful? Yes/No" feature. Don’t abuse this feature though ’cause it may affect your StumbleUpon karma.

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