Question: What is an SSB (Site Specific Browser)?
Answer: An SSB is not your usual browser. It lacks navigation, menus, tabs, and even the address bar! These browsers are designed to work exclusively with a single web application. In other words, you can think of an SSB as a stripped-down version of Firefox. I won’t go in detail about Site Specific Browsers and the idea behind ’em ’cause this topic has already been discussed by too many awesome people.

I’ve been playing with SSBs ever since I created the first SSB bundle for Streamy. The Streamy bundle is meant to work only with WebRunner (now Prism) ’cause currently, WebRunner is the only SSB application that can be installed on Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. Mac also has Fluid, a free SSB application available only for Mac OS X.

If you’re a Web 2.0 startup, you should try one of these applications to create a desktop version of your Web application. Since SSBs like WebRunner are open source apps, you can easily modify the code to add additional functionalities.

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