First of all, Happy New Year, dear readers! May the year 2008 bring lots of happiness and success for you and your close ones!

I’ve recently been taking rest from blogging but still active on a few social bookmarking sites, including StumbleUpon. Yesterday I stumbled upon Myoats, a website that allows you to create simple or complex designs, shapes and patterns. Here is an example of what you can draw in 2-3 minutes:


See? I was just testing the tool and it took me less than 3 minutes to draw this. This tool is pretty addictive and can be pretty useful for your next design projects. Me? I’m gonna use this tool mainly to create complex patterns and futuristic designs. The designs that you create using Myoats can be:

  • Downloaded as an image.
  • Downloaded as a transparent png.
  • Saved to your personal account, which allows for editing and re-saving.
  • Made into a wallpaper

The re-saving feature allows you to edit an existing drawing and save it as a new file. The site also allows you to rate designs drawn by other designers. Oh, the site is free to use so feel free to join and draw as much as you like.

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